Price Increase

Hi [client],  We are so pleased to be working with you to [grow your online presence]. The [increase in following] you’ve been receiving as a result of our efforts couldn’t make us any happier! Your continued support and confidence in [ScoobyNetworks Group] really means so much to us.   We take pride in the level of expertise ...

Customers Bots Updated Notice

Dear Customers   We are putting out a notice, if for any reasons your ( Camfrog Room Bots ) go offline. please let us know if its more then couple hours, ( Camfrog ) goes up and down alot of times. we are limited to staff members, so please bare with us. we have no control over this. if you want a fast respond time please call us , or login ...

Warning Bots Update - Announcement Please Read.

Dear Customers We have decided to no longer offer custom made plugins for personal camfrog rooms. Due to moving all bots to a new system, & removing old systems. we have removed all custom plugins. if any one notices plugins no longer work its because we discounted them. if any one has any issues with my decision please contact billing ...


Due to network updates all bots will be offline for a short time 

many thanks 


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