Nieuws & Aankondigingen


  • 29th Juli 2021

camfrog bots will go offline for one hour 

many thanks 


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Changes to Radio

  • 26th Mei 2021
Dear Customers  We are changing the radio addon This is no longer a free service and will be chargeable from 24 hrs time. This is for all customers both new and exsisting customers.  A E-mail was sent out in january time to notify customers of this price increase  we also apologise for the delay, we gave you extra six months due to the ...
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Price Increase

  • 1st December 2020
Hi [client],  We are so pleased to be working with you to [grow your online presence]. The [increase in following] you’ve been receiving as a result of our efforts couldn’t make us any happier! Your continued support and confidence in [ScoobyNetworks Group] really means so much to us.   We take pride in the level of expertise ...
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Customers Bots Updated Notice

  • 26th Oktober 2020
Dear Customers   We are putting out a notice, if for any reasons your ( Camfrog Room Bots ) go offline. please let us know if its more then couple hours, ( Camfrog ) goes up and down alot of times. we are limited to staff members, so please bare with us. we have no control over this. if you want a fast respond time please call us , or login ...
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