Dear Customers, 

This decision is not coming lightly but due to technical difficulties, we decided to end our 15-year-old journey with our old outdated technology. We are unable to push our services to the maximum due to the limitations of the hardware. The CPU, MEMORY, HHD, NFS, IP, and ANTDOS. systems technology has changed over the years and we are slowly working on these changes. Our old hardware was outdated and unable to get the parts anymore. This put us in a big area of problem do we keep the servers running then something goes wrong we now have a server that is offline with no way of getting parts for it. So, the problem is we had to make big decisions to replace all the hardware and equipment. We are sad to let go of the old type of equipment and we are looking forward to new systems and new networks, ScoobyMedia, is making great changes. We are happy to partner with ScoobyMedia, as we move to the biggest jump since 2015.

Kind regards,

Customers Complaints, process: - If you're unhappy ScoobyMedia, can or will update or make internal fixes to frame-works within house or without housed. 

all complaints can be sent to the the new address will be  - coming soon!! 

All our email addresses will be changing will be changed to the following 

support@scoobynetworks will be changed to the following will be changed to the following - The complaints will be handled by customer care. will be changed to the following When ScoobyMedia takes full control then will work for a few weeks. This will no LONGER open a ticket and will give you a message. Sorry please open a new ticket with Customer Care @ ScoobyMedia, Services at the following address:

Kind regards, 
ScoobyMedia - CEO - ScoobyNetworks Group! 



Sunday, February 5, 2023

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