Shoutcast v2.6 Premium & Authhash

  • Shoutcast v2.6 free version supports only 128kbps MP3 encoder stream. If you need to stream by AAC encoder and higher bitrates with Shoutcast v2.6, you have to purchase Shoutcast v2.6 premium service from We recommend Shoutcast v2.5.
  • Enter your premium User ID and Licence ID on the clients SonicPanel >> Manage Radio link from the left menu. You can find your User ID and Licence ID information on your client account login.
  • Enter your Authhash code if you want to list your radio on Shoutcast Directory listings. You can find your Authhash code on your client account login, click on your radio station name from the left menu, then click settings link and then click Advanced, copy your Authhash and paste into SonicPanel Authhash form input under the Manage Radio page.

Notice: If you enter an Authhash code on your SonicPanel, the radio title/name will be set to the station name listed on your account, the AutoDJ radio title/name settings on your SonicPanel will be ignored. This is a default shoutcast system behavior.

Notice: You dont need SSL for Shoutcast v2.6, the SSL certificate and SSL port for your shoutcast v2.6 is provided by SonicPanel and its free. You can find your SSL Radio information on your clients SP, click SSL Connections from the left menu.

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